Amber, at one time, had a home; when we first spotted her she had a collar but no tags. Whatever happened to her in her past left her not wanting anything to do with people. She was living at a church parking lot with four other male dogs and her puppies. Jonnie England, Esmond Hardin, Susan McBride, Linda Gill, and I were able to save the dogs and pups but Amber was the hardest to catch. She was smart and was very cautious.

I had brought a big bag of meat with chicken, and steak to catch her. She came up to eat it, and all of a sudden she took off running down the road and was quickly out of sight. I could not imagine what was wrong. I knew she was hungry so why did she take off with not even a bite of food. What dog turns down a big bag of meat?

Meanwhile, Brenda the postal woman who befriended Amber was blocks away and in trouble. The area of town where Brenda and Amber were, is one of the toughest areas of Dallas. Guns, drugs, and criminals are common. Amber had heard Brenda screaming (dogs have better hearing than humans) or sensed something wrong and took off running to save her. Even with all the food I had in front of her, she chose to save Brenda. Brenda was screaming because a man was trying to rob her. He was trying to break into her postal truck. Amber came to the rescue and chased the bad guy away.

Amber risked her life to save Brenda. Amber is a happy dog now in a wonderful home.