When I was single I adopted two cats, Molly and Gray. Later when I married Matt, we adopted Chief a stray dog living in our neighborhood. I was afraid the dog would try to attack my cats. It soon became apparent though, that the cats were the boss. Although Chief wanted to play with the cats, the cats were not interested and kept their distance. In their own way of communicating I guess they told him that this was their house, and they established pecking order.

After having Chief for several months we felt like he needed a sister for companionship. We adopted Shiloh (one of Tawana’s rescues) at Operation Kindness. Chief and Shiloh were immediately best friends. We can only assume she is part shepherd and part pit bull, because this is what she looks like. She is a very gentle, sensitive dog. It makes me sad when people classify all pit bulls as having the ability to harm children. For many they make wonderful family dogs.

Shiloh seemed quite scared of the cats and kept away from them. The dogs pretty much stay on their side of the house and the cats stay on their side. This is a boundary they seemed to work out between themselves, amazingly enough! Before Chief and Shiloh I did not think it was possible to have dogs and cats together that were not raised together as puppies and kittens. What has helped is for us (humans) to show kindness, compassion, and boundaries, and allowing space for the animals to work it out themselves.