Domino is a victim of a hit and run incident. Who knows if someone intentionally hit him or if it was an accident. Either way he had to have major hip surgery to correct his injury. He is doing fine now and will make someone a wonderful pet.

When I saw Domino on the side of the road he was managing to limp around and wag his tail. He seemed like such a happy dog considering the horrible shape he was in. Someone had chained him and he still had part of the chain hanging down from his neck. Half his hair was missing, he looked blind in one eye, and he was one pitiful sight. With all his medical conditions he came through them all with flying colors.

He loves other dogs and children. Domino is an active dog that will play and play. His attitude is optimistic and bright. Never a dull moment with Domino. Life is good no matter the circumstances. He is an example of how we humans should live our lives- be optimistic no matter how bad a situation seems.

The person who hit Domino in a car may or may not have realized it. Either way a report to authorities that it was either an accident or intentional, should be filed. If it was intentional and someone witnessed the dog being hit, they should be able to call and report the license tag on the car that hit the dog. If the person did not bother to call it in as an accident charges against that person should be made.