One of the hardest things I sometimes do is walk the City of Dallas Animal Shelter. I have to look at hundreds of dogs and then decide which dogs I will rescue. I only have room to rescue a few so most of the dogs I have to sadly turn away. It is hard but also rewarding when I do walk away with the ones I am able to rescue.

Duke was one of seven dogs I rescued one day. A man came to let Duke out of his cage and he put the rope around his neck and was about to take him away to be euthanized when I stopped him. Duke was being friendly and wagging his tail and jumping up and down happy as could be. The thought of this sweet happy dog being put down I could not bear. I am so glad that I was there just in time to rescue Duke.

I took Duke to Operation Kindness where Hector, Debbie and Justin Morales’ prayers would be answered in meeting the Duke!