From foster Dad, Stephen Pyler:

Eddie and Lilly are survivors... Living together (alone) for many months in filth & sickness in a deserted house they had Mange, Heartworms and were emaciated. Tireless rescuer Tawana Couch and a mail lady had been feeding them for the last few weeks before their capture.

When Tawana asked me if she saved them could I foster them... I just couldn't say no. The thought of them continuing to live like that wasn't an option. I wondered if I would ever even get the chance to foster them since, I doubted they could survive the heartworm treatment.

Then the day came to pick them up from the vet. When I saw them I cried... I couldn't believe how bad they looked... the pictures just don’t show the true atrocity of their condition. The vet assured me that they looked so much better than when they’d arrived - which still makes my heart ache.

When they got home to me, Eddie's spirit was overflowing, he loved the life that had forsaken him with reckless abandonment. Lilly on the other hand would not come out of the corner and seemed to internalize the tragedy that had been her life. Their recovery and house training at times would test my patience and assure my dedication to their survival.

A month later, I felt humbled to witness, and be part of, a transformation of two incredibly kind souls. The triumph of their spirit, love for one another and their love of life is hands down the most rewarding rescue experience of my life. They are both now housetrained and fearless.