Heidi was living by a major freeway by downtown Dallas. She was on a grassy area between the freeway and the exit ramp. A homeless man said she had been there for several months. Jonnie England also let me know about her and helped to rescue her.

It was necessary not to scare her because she could run into the freeway traffic. It appeared her front leg had been run over by a car. It was flat and stuck out in front of her body. How she managed was a miracle. I am sure she was in constant pain.

I spent several days setting a trap at various points alongside the grassy area by the freeway. She finally could not resist the smelly fried chicken and meat inside the trap.

Of course, the leg was so bad the vet had to remove it.

She is a happy dog now. She lives with Eleanor Bird who has several other dogs and one other dog that also has three legs.

Many dogs live off the sides of freeways looking for food. I have rescued quite a few like this. Please try to help the dogs that live off the highways and get them to safety.

Adopt a dog with disabilities--they need homes.