When I rescue small dogs they get adopted fairly quickly. For some reason Lilly was not getting anyone interested in adopting her. Weeks passed and not one person called to show the slightest interest in her. She was listed on Petfinder.com, and had a nice size ad in a local paper with her picture in the ad with hearts surrounding her. The ad ran for a week with not one interested party contacting me to adopt her. I just could not understand the lack of interest in her. I thought she was so adorable and sweet. Then after about six weeks Stephanie Caldwell called about Lilly. It was a perfect match for the Caldwell’s.

“Tawana thank you for rescuing Lilly. Diane thank you so much for taking care of Lilly. We are very excited about having her in our lives! Diane, thank you for welcoming all those foster dogs into your home.” — Tommy and Stephanie Caldwell