Scruffy, as I called him because he was so scruffy looking, helped a lot of dogs. He would lead me to stray dogs that needed help. I first saw Scruffy at a dumpster. After rescuing all the dogs there Scruffy went to a school. I rescued the dogs at the school. Then he went to a lady’s house and laid on her porch. The lady was dying and neighbors said that Scruffy must sense she was dying and this is how he got to be known as the “angel dog”. He then went to a church where he helped me rescue other dogs.

During months of me tracking and following him, he would never let me catch him. He would always just watch me until I got all the dogs and then move on to show me more of his dog friends that needed help.

It was a cold winter and Scruffy looked sick and weak. Mange, a crusted and runny nose, and thin from worms he gave up and walked into the trap. I had set the trap many times before but he never went in until after his canine friends had been helped first. His duty as an angel to help his other dog friends had been done. He was in bad shape and I did not know if he would make it. But the other angels up high helped pull him through and he survived.

He found a wonderful home with a girl that prayed that she would find the right dog. Her prayer was answered. Scruffy now Bentley came into her life. He is an angel.