I sometimes get comments from people that dogs and cats end up in shelters because there is something wrong with them. The most common idea I hear is that they must have a behavior issue that could not be fixed. This misconception is so misleading.

There are many reasons animals end up at shelters. I know I won’t be able to list them all but I will mention a few. Animals get lost, people have allergies, the owner dies, financial reasons, divorce, moving, rental properties that will not allow pets, one family member does not want the dog. One reason I heard from an animal service officer was shocking. She told me of a man who turned over his dog because the dog grew up and did not have enough wrinkles. It was a shar-pei and they have wrinkled skin. People will surrender adult animals to get puppies/kittens, behavior issues (usually the owners fault), illness, strays, dog needs grooming, cruelty. The list is endless.